Light a Fire, llc

Handmade sculptures and functional ceramic art by Frederick Doerpholz.


Artist Statement:

Artistic creation is an act of deep understanding, looking for truth and beauty throughout the world in an effort to see these things flourish and grow. I’m dedicated to the act of making and the refinement of my craft. I firmly believe that those who choose this path should have the opportunity to live valuable lives making art, and through their work, add to the beauty and sustainability of their communities and our world.

Additionally, everyone should have access to these creations, along with the proper educational opportunities to accept or positively challenge artists’ works, to add to them, and to encourage artists to take their ideas further and into new realms. In every work I make, I strive to uphold my firm beliefs that art should not be a luxury, art should not be reserved for the few, and it can transform our lives for the better.

About Frederick Doerpholz:20160306_091427

I started taking art seriously as a kid. In high school, thanks to a great first ceramics teacher, I decided to refine my skills, continuing my education and studying clay in undergraduate school where I finished with a B.F.A. in Studio Ceramics from Colorado Mesa University. After some teaching and work-shopping with masters in the field, I took a two-year hiatus to join the Peace Corps as a Small Business Volunteer. I was fortunate to work with traditional potters in rural Morocco exchanging ideas about product development, business management, and safety in the workplace. Returning to the United States, and working full-time as an artist I felt there was so much more to learn. I decided to take a more philosophical approach and completed an M.A. in Sustainable Communities From Northern Arizona University, with an emphasis on Public Art and the Commons. I now work as a full-time artist and full-time dad in Denver, CO.